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Submitting your Artwork

Your artwork

For the individual manufacture of your display systems, digital prints & 3D letters it is necessary to deliver us the final printable files. They should always meet the relevant requirements for the different products. Under the tab "Downloads" you will find the relevant data sheets including the important information on the relevant print file for every printable item. Should any question arise on how to prepare the data, do not hesitate to directly call your personal contact person (you can find the contact details in your PO) or simply our general pre-press department. Please follow as exactly as possible the relevant data specifications so that we will be able to manufacture your order as soon as possible. Should you not be able to deliver or have any print data, we look forward to offering you to individually design your print data charged on an hourly basis - alternatively the complete solution such as our my Graphic Design Service.

The data check

All products include our standard data check for free. Your print data will be opened by a pre-press graphic artist, subsequently viewed and reviewed for their basic printability. Should your data be somehow incorrect, your contact person will send you an e-mail referring to it. In addition, this step may uncover serious mistakes or inconsistencies. Maybe or not. To be really sure about that we recommend to order our XL data check. This data check includes an even more thorough review of the print data with a final evaluation provided by e-mail. Everything will be manually checked and reviewed by your personal contact person. The XL data check ensures prints free of errors that may result from faulty files. In this case we shall assume liability. As an extra bonus, the Premium data check includes a DIN A4 press proof of your print data in the resolution setting for production, on the original medium and the later printing machine. The standard data check is a free service without warranty. We cannot ensure that your print data will be free of errors after completion of the standard data check.

Basic information on delivering data

After the order has been placed successfully you may send us your relevant print data for every printable item. Please provide us only with clearly marked, completed, and final print data (no layout, raw data or preview data). Any claim of faulty digital prints due to insufficiently marked or wrong print data or already printed, completed layout data cannot be accepted. Please just upload one distinct data set. Not the same or very similar files for several times. Should we have files that we cannot assign and if we also cannot reach you we will select the most suitable file to the best of our knowledge. In this case, later claims due to wrong print data will not be accepted. It is important that we can always assign your print data to the relevant product. Please follow the relevant data sheet for the particular product.

Data upload (recommended)

After successful completion of your order you can immediately upload your print data to our server. Just click on the large button on the last page where to finally complete your order or in your order confirmation e-mail. You will be directed to the section "My account > Uploads". It may occur that you have to sign in to your Mydisplays account. There you will find all orders you placed during the last months and years. Then please select the relevant product of your current order displayed above and upload one of ten possible files per item. The file size is limited to 200 MB per file. You can upload the following data formats: ZIP, PDF, RAR, TIF, AI, EPS, and JPG. We recommend to use PDF. After the upload has been completed you can open and check once again most of the files. It is also possible to delete files.

FTP upload

For this web shop solution we do not offer a FTP upload any longer. Should you yet need a FTP access please contact us under: [email protected]

Delivery via e-mail

Please attach all files to one or several e-mails. If necessary, include consecutive numbers in the case of more than one e-mails. Please complete your e-mail by adding your MYXXXXXX order number, your company name and, if possible, the direct contact person to answer our possible call backs. Please do not send us more than 20 MB per e-mail. Please send your print data only to: [email protected]

Data delivery via Wetransfer

You may also send us your print data via Wetransfer. Please select [email protected] as target address and enter your MYXXXXXX order number together with your company name into the message field.

Data delivery via Dropbox

Please send the link of your shared files or folders together with your MYXXXXXX order number and your company name to: [email protected]