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Shipping Information

Shipping costs

The shipping costs are always calculated on the basis of the recipient’s country, the number of packages, the shipment weight and the shipment method. You can check the shipping costs for your order in advance in the shopping cart. After placing an order, we will send you an individual order confirmation, which once again confirms the shipping costs.

Neutral shipping

We will dispatch every order to the shipping address given by you, using a neutral and ad-free packaging. If the shipping and billing address are the same, we will ship the package using our own return address. If the shipping address is another one than the billing address, we will enter the billing address, given by you, as the return address. Your products will also be manufactured without a label and packaged without any flyers, adverts, stickers or printed adhesive tape so it will not be possible to identify us as the manufacturer.We also warrant 100% customer protection. If, however, any of your customers do identify us as the supplier, we will always forward any direct enquiries to you. Loyalty and customer protection are extremely important to us and play a key role in long-term, fair cooperation.

Partial delivery

Partial deliveries are not available when ordering products in our online shop. We will only ship your products once all of them have been manufactured and are ready for shipment. As a general rule: the product with the longest lead time determines the soonest possible delivery date. If necessary, please divide your order into several orders. When placing large orders by e-mail, individual agreements can naturally be met.

On receipt of your delivery

Please check the packaging for visible damage before accepting receipt of your products. Should you have any concerns, please decline acceptance stating that you suspect transport damage.

Always save the original packaging until you have fully unpacked your products and checked that they function correctly.

Later transport damage can otherwise no longer be identified or dealt with. Do not dispose of the original packaging unless there is definitely no transport damage. Please note: our shipments are always carefully packaged and should arrive undamaged. Please immediately record any damage caused during transportation (within 7 days of receiving the shipment) so that we can claim compensation for you from the transportation company for the transport damage incurred.