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Green Printing

High-quality eco prints at affordable prices

Producing high-quality prints does not necessarily need to be at the expense of the environment. State-of-the-art large format digital printing machines, e. g. from HP, CANON or D-Gen, make it possible to produce in an eco-friendly manner while still delivering top quality printing results. As such, we have completely modernised our machinery to offer you brilliant printing results without extra costs while also being 100% environmentally friendly.

All digital prints from Mydisplays are produced using a new, eco-friendly latex, UV or textile printing machine for a printing result entirely free from harmful vapours and smells. This makes our prints suitable for use in even sensitive areas such as conference rooms, hospitals and children’s bedrooms. All latex inks come in recyclable packaging. With today's resources becoming increasingly scarce and energy costs constantly rising, we take responsibility for future generations and play our part in improving sustainability and reducing our ecological footprint..

Our eco-friendly printing machines

> HP Scitex LX600 - latex technology
> HP L26500 - latex technology
> CANON Arizona 318 GL - UV flatbed printing
> D-Gen Teleios 74 V6 - water-based textile direct printing

Our green printing policy

> 60 kW photovoltaic system provides our own clean power supply
> More than 95,000 kg carbon saved and more than 140,000 kW energy generated
> 100% eco-friendly latex, UV and water-based printing systems
> 100% carbon neutral shipment by UPS
> 100% OEKO-TEX® certified fabrics used
> 100% green gas for winter heating


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