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  1. X-Banner RN / FR / NL my X-Frame Banner Stand
    • Easy to assemble
    • Extremely light-weighted
    • Including digital print
    • For different print media
    • Including carry case
    Excl. Tax
    Delivery Time : 8Working days
  2. my Tension Banner Stand my Tension Banner Stand
    • The timeless classic
    • Firm stability
    • Easy to assemble
    • Including digital print
    • Different print media
    Excl. Tax
    Delivery Time : 8Working days
  3. my X-Frame Banner Stand Mini my X-Frame Banner Stand Mini
    • Mini Desk X Banner
    • Extremely light-weighted
    • Extremely chic
    • Very easy to assemble
    • Including digital print
    Excl. Tax
    Delivery Time : 8Working days
  4. Bannerdisplay Messe EN / FR / NL my Large Banner Display
    • Proven all-round solution
    • Easy to assemble
    • Perfect for exhibitions & events
    • Freely height-adjustable
    • The print wall at best price
    Excl. Tax
    Delivery Time : 8Working days
  5. my Textile Banner Stand Straight my Textile Banner Stand Straight
    • Incl. carry case(s) & print
    • Alternative to roll up & L banner
    • Single or double sided printed
    • Quickly & easy to assemble
    • Very high durability
    Excl. Tax
    Delivery Time : 10Working days
  6. my Tension Banner Stand Shape my Tension Banner Stand Shape
    • Reliable and sturdy
    • Perfect holding force
    • Individual contour cut
    • Including digital print
    • Including carry case
    Excl. Tax
    Delivery Time : 8Working days
  7. my Tension Banner Stand Double my Tension Banner Stand Double
    • Double sided print
    • Different graphics possible
    • Perfect for indoor applications
    • 3-step telescopic tripod
    • Different print media
    Excl. Tax
    Delivery Time : 8Working days
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Tension Banner Stands

Tension Banner stands at affordable prices – simply available for order online at Mydisplays

Using display stands for marketing purposes is an integral part of professional showcasing the own company or products at tradeshows, corporate events or the point of sale. Available in a variety of banner stand designs, the portable banner systems are the optimum and versatile solution for showing off your brand, particularly when a fast dis/assembly is required. All display banner systems are set up in a matter of minutes, they are available custom printed and a cost-effective alternative to our practical retractable banner stands.

These portable display stands are perfectly suitable for trade fairs, exhibits in retail locations, presentations and promotional campaigns. Using display stands for your promotion campaign is of great value if you want to focus on a short-term and incisive promotional effect instead of a long-time advertising impact.

Tension Banner Stands Detail

Suitable banner stands from Mydisplays for any event

We offer a wide range of banner stands in different versions and designs for whatever applications: easy to handle and transport, our banner displays are available with one or both sides printed, and they are the perfect eye-catching display solution at tradeshows, congresses, promotional events or your exhibition booth.

Mydisplays offers the perfect exhibition and display stand – simply order your desired promotional banner stand online and we will print and deliver it in a couple of days. A great number of our portable tensioned banner stands are available in different system sizes with a part of them adjustable in width and height.

Customised banner stand design from Mydisplays

Are you looking for a custom printed promotional display system of high quality and at an affordable price? Designing and customising your individual banner at Mydisplays is quite easy.

All banner stands are delivered including the customised graphic panel. You just have to create the image for your banner stand, specify the dimensions and deliver your artwork files. We will do the rest!

A further pro: the suitable carry bag is included for free, when ordering your tension banner stand at Mydisplays. And replacing your graphic is quite easy as well: in addition to our complete display systems you can also order individual replacement graphic panels or even basic systems without print.

Tension Banner Stands in use

Simply select shape & colour and Mydisplays makes your creative ideas come true

Do you want to create a sophisticated banner stand or a distinctive design? No problem! Mydisplays makes it possible to realise almost any design of your banner stand. In this case, please order the tension banner stand including contour cut. You are entirely free to choose any shape and image – we will cut and customise your banner precisely and in line with your artwork. So we make it possible to realise nearly any of your individual and creative ideas. Simply send us your artwork via upload, by email or by post.

Our excellent all-round service and the use of proven state-of-the-art printing technologies make it easy to print your customised banner display to your full satisfaction and in a cost-effective and eco-friendly way – whatever material you choose.

Our broad range of banner stands offers solutions for everyone!

my Textile Banner Stand Straight

  • Next generation of retractable banner stands
  • Crease-free high-resolution special fabric
  • Simply select from among 9 different widths and 5 different heights
  • Single or double sided printed
  • Robust and sturdy
  • Easy assembly and replacement of fabric graphics

my Tension Banner Stand

  • The timeless classic among the display stands
  • 5 different printing materials available
  • System sizes: 31.5" x 87", 33.5" x 87" or 40" x 87"
  • Weight only 7.3 lbs

my X-Frame Banner Stand

  • Available at a very affordable price
  • Fast assembly
  • System sizes: 24" x 63" or 31.5" x 71"
  • Stability due to 4-point-system

my X-Frame Banner Stand Mini

  • Space-saving advertisement
  • Perfectly suitable for tables in conference rooms, counters or the POS checkout
  • 13.5" x 17.3" advertising space

my Large Banner Display

  • Affordable backwall for exhibitions and events
  • Width and height freely adjustable
  • Dimensions: 95" x 90.5"
  • Only weighs approx. 17.5 lbs

my Tension Banner Stand Shape

  • A truly eye-catching highlight at your event
  • System size: 8-31.5" x 85"
  • We can realise any shapes narrowing towards the top

my Tension Banner Stand Double

  • Optimal solution for indoor events
  • Printable on both faces
  • Size of 35" x 80"
  • 3-steps adjustable telescopic stand

Are you looking for a premium banner stand? Then please take a look at our my Expand Smartstand. This high-quality banner stand is perfectly suitable for the use at small presentation spaces requiring a space-saving advertising tool solution.